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Eris Apothecary uses organic and wild harvested herbs from sustainable sources to craft small batch herbal goods which playfully combine components of both magic and science. The result is an astounding array of offerings which include herbal tea blends, incenses, tinctures, essential oil roll-ons, sprays and many more botanical bath and body products - all inspired by wellness, metaphysics, and connecting with the elemental forces of nature. Each aspect of the shop, from initial design and the tags that are hand-tied on the bottles, to packaging, order fulfillment and shipping, is completed with the utmost care and attention to detail by the owner.



Jessica Beauvoir is the owner & operator of Eris Apothecary. She is a self-taught herb crafter with a holistic approach to product creation. Using both analytical and intuitive design methods, she draws inspiration from practical needs, plant-based living, witchcraft, and of course, the herbs themselves. 


Daughter of Nyx (primordial night), Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos and strife. She brings to mind the butterfly effect – showing us how a seemingly simple and insignificant action can cause tidal waves of change. She reminds us that oftentimes in order to improve, we must endure discomfort and that some things must undergo destruction in order to make space for creation.
“The most famous tale of Eris recounts her initiating the Trojan War by causing the Judgement of Paris. The goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite had been invited along with the rest of Olympus to the forced wedding of Peleus and Thetis, but Eris had been snubbed because of her troublemaking inclinations. She, therefore, tossed into the party the Apple of Discord, a golden apple inscribed with the ancient Greek “kallisti” meaning “for the most beautiful one”. This provoked the goddesses to quarrel about the appropriate recipient. Paris, Prince of Troy, was appointed to select the fairest by Zeus. The goddesses attempted to bribe him – Hera offered political power, Athena promised infinite wisdom, and Aphrodite tempted him with the most beautiful woman in the world: Helen, wife of Menelaus of Sparta. Paris chose to award the apple to Aphrodite, thereby dooming his city, which was destroyed in the war that ensued.”



Boxed products are stamped with the Eris Apothecary “chaos craft” symbol, depicting a pentacle inside of a chaos star. A pentacle is a five-pointed star representing the four base elements of earth, water, fire, and air, plus the fifth of spirit. A chaos star is a circle with eight arrows pointing outward from it in all directions. This symbol encourages you to use the power of the elements to alchemize your discontent and explore the world with curiosity and expansiveness while becoming open to alternative solutions and creative possibilities.

A choice description of Eris and her impact on the world is quoted below from Sarah Varcas of Awakenings School of Intuitive Astrology

“Eris insists we face uncomfortable truths about humanity’s exploitation of Mother Earth and what we, as individuals, have done to ourselves and each other. In myth, Eris is the goddess of discord and rivalry. On the face of it, the trouble she caused in response to not getting a wedding invitation sounds petty, but she knew something far more important was going on. In fact, her exclusion epitomizes the experience of the feminine throughout history: snubbed, shunned, marginalized, demonized, ignored and rejected. In her reaction, Eris embodied the dark and feared feminine which rises up to reclaim her place in a world long fractured by patriarchal power…she is a warrior goddess for Mother Nature mobilized to protect her at any cost. Taking no prisoners she stands beside those who honor our great mother, confronting those who exploit her. Unsentimental to her core, she will do what’s necessary to protect the beating heart of Gaia and asks of us a similarly gutsy attitude which stands firm in the face of intimidation and refuses to swallow the lies we’re so readily fed. Eris resists the imposition of another’s agenda and urges we do the same. It is time to decide for ourselves what happens next and why. Time to rise up and change the agenda to one that serves this planet and all life upon her not exploits it to destruction. Many fear Eris and all she stands for. We balk at acknowledging our share of the fierce mother who will both kill to protect or devour her young depending on situation and circumstance. We do not want to see in ourselves the forces of nature that destroy rather than nurture. Eris doesn’t fit neatly into a spiritual narrative that says we’re all love and light and rage has no place in the awakened heart. She tells us everything has a place, otherwise, it isn’t awakened, for awakening knows all things intimately.”